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Calvert Foundation

When Calvert Foundation needed to update their web presence, the requirements were demanding: incorporate a new, modern design, preserve and update a legacy database, and at the same time, make it simple for the organization's staff to maintain on a daily basis. In partnership with a designer, Unitz met each of the non-profit's goals, working closely with staff members to develop a sophisticated site with several hundred pages, two partner microsites, multiple databases and user-friendly content management. The new web site has helped Calvert Foundation build on its success in promoting social investment and attracting investors and partners.

Dept. of Astronomy, Yale University

Yale University's astronomy department had an ambitious wishlist for their new web site: a dynamic news and events calendar, faculty and student web pages, research project spotlights, an online course catalog, and public viewing information for the on-campus observatory and planetarium. In addition, staff members needed the ability to maintain the web site in-house with different access levels for different staffers. Working with provided artwork, Unitz created the site using the free Drupal content management system, a versatile platform capable of meeting Yale's needs for years to come.

EMI Music North America extranet

EMI Music North America maintained an extranet web site allowing marketing associates to download photo assets, press releases and biographies of their artists, but the process needed to be streamlined. Unitz created a new extranet site where the marketing department could maintain the site independently using web-based tools. With the new system, non-technical users can add new artists and upload marketing assets for each artist. The site automatically creates image thumbnails, loads in RSS feed information and displays artwork in a user-friendly interface.

EMI Music Services Facebook Application

EMI Music needed a customized Facebook application they could install on their recording artists' Facebook profiles. Unitz responded by creating a Facebook app allowing the marketing department to easily customize page content and add RSS feeds, photos, videos and more. The full-featured application can now be seen on many of EMI's artist profiles.

My ooVoo Day With...

ooVoo makes a video conferencing application with major appeal. When they wanted to build name recognition, they organized a worldwide event enabling popular bloggers to host ooVoo video chat sessions with their fans. Unitz was called in to build a website allowing fans to read about the bloggers and sign up for chat sessions. The effective campaign instantly helped generate buzz and expand the audience for ooVoo's service.

Segway Social

Social networks have shown that the web can bring people together in exciting and unexpected ways. Segway relied on Unitz' expertise when creating Segway Social, a resource designed specially for the active community of Segway PT owners and enthusiasts. Starting with a provided design, Unitz built a powerful platform to allow users to interact by forming groups, participating in message boards, sharing photos and tagging favorite glide routes on a map. In addition to serving current owners, the site also acts as a persuasive showcase for prospective customers.

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