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Application Development

Unitz can meet a wide variety of custom web programming needs. Many of our solutions include custom user systems, shopping cart applications, dynamic data-driven applications and integrated third-party applications.

Our solutions typically make use of the following technologies:

JavaScript and DHTML for client-side scripting tasks
Cascading style sheets (CSS) to separate formatting from content
PHP scripting for cross-platform web applications
MySQL and PostgreSQL database servers for database applications
Adobe Flash for multimedia content
PayPal for cost-effective ecommerce integration
Linux servers with Apache web server software for web site hosting

We choose technologies based on compatibility, reliability, security, and ease of maintenance.

Contact us to find out how we can generate ideas to make your business operate more smoothly. Our solutions can help your company better process, organize, or enter data, communicate with your customers, and streamline your operations to save your company time, effort, and money.

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