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Web Site Development

Unitz LLC offers a full range of web site development services, including:

Web site consulting and planning Web site interface and graphical design
Web page creation and maintenance Web application programming
Flash animation and programming Third party application and
Content Management System integration

We are equipped to provide you as many or as few of these services as required to suit your needs. Unitz has worked with companies of all sizes and regardless of your organization's background, we're ready to discuss how we can put the web to work for you, or make your existing web site better. See our case studies section to find out how we've helped other companies launch successful web sites, and view our internet strategy, application integration and application development pages for more information.

Some of Unitz's most successful partnerships have been with design and marketing professionals. Our technical expertise can help your creative department create and complete dynamic and interactive websites. Our experience includes consulting on usability and functionality, creating the site itself from design source files, adding server- and client-side scripting, developing database backends, and implementing other dynamic content and features such as blogs, mapping solutions and AJAX-enabled front-ends. We use the same industry standard applications as most design firms and are very comfortable with the practices and terminology you use in the office. We pay close attention to your designs and strive to produce a pixel-perfect end product that meets your high standards.

What are the steps involved?

Our  development process works like this:

  1. Collect information from you about your project's requirements
  2. Present you with a proposal including estimated cost and timeframe
  3. Provide you with our work agreement, so you know exactly what you're getting into
  4. Begin work on the project using our development servers, continually incorporating your feedback and approval
  5. Complete the project when requirements are met and when you're fully satisfied
  6. Set up a domain name (company.com) and web hosting, if needed
  7. Deliver the finished product
  8. Provide assistance and suggestions to promote the project, such as search engine registration and marketing
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